About Maike

Great to have you here!

Hi! I’m Maike , a 31-year-old photographer from Germany.


I live for early mornings when the world is still asleep, snow-capped mountains make me tremendously happy, and I like watching the sun-rays dance underneath the oceans surface.


Aotearoa, New Zealand is my home away from home and I get daily doses of Fernweh just thinking about it. The land of the long white cloud also got me hooked on landscape photography and now I’m carrying my camera with me everywhere I go.


I want my photos to inspire you. Not only to get out there and explore the beauty of our Planet. I want you to truly breathe in nature, to appreciate the way trees grow, the way the little ant works to support its colony. Because with appreciation comes caring and our Planet could do with a bit more love.


Let us start giving back.



PS: When I grow up I want to have five dogs and a peanut butter factory.




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